Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa aims to strengthen Wrocław’s, Lower Silesia’s and Poland’s positions as important centres for presentation and promotion of documentary and feature cinema. Debates, creative encounters and discussions combined with film screenings is what really matters to us.  At the same time we remember to support the young and upcoming artists.

So far Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa has organised and co-organised many film events (film screenings, workshops, festivals) such as : Polish Cinema for Beginners, MIASTOmovie:wro, Okiem Młodych – International Documentary Film Festival in Świdnica, Dok Inkubator, Planete + Doc, DOFA (Lower Silesian Architecture Festival). Since 2014 Wrocławska Fundacja Filmowa have ventured into the world of cinema distribution of both documentary and feature film. Our first film was “Gottland”, which ended up as the 3rd most popular documentary film watched in Polish cinemas in 2014